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The Power CUB22 is a solution that complements tables, podiums or any worksurface with an easy access to power AV Devices. It features a compact low-profile design with Bezel flush mount with 3 Modules, 2x Temper Resistant AC outlets and Double USB fast charging.

Standard Features

  • 2x Tamper Resistant 125V 15A AC Outlets.
  • Double USB fast charging (3.2A rated).
  • Side-exiting, 6 ft. power cord Supplied with Low Profile Flat 45° Angle 120 VAC Plug.
  • Black (ABS).
  • Cutout: 1.43” x 3.91” (Top rout), 1.65” x 5.65” (Bottom rout) 
    NOTE: Precision Top & Bottom cuts/routs required. *Highly recommended to order panels pre-cut from AVFI for proper fitting. 
  • Cord length: 6 ft. 
  • Color: Black (ABS)

(UL Listed for mounting Furniture)

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