AVFI will help you find the right office furniture by:

Establish your project goal & limitations

We will work with your team to determine what your priorities are for your office layout and design for ergonomics, workplace collaboration, privacy, and more.

Balance your goals and budget with the right office furniture

We want you to feel confident with the style you are looking for while staying within your budget. With our team of experts, AVFI will collaborate with you to find the right items and manufactured products we offer to accomodate your space.

Work with your office layout and design options for best results

By submitting a blueprint or pictures of the office space you want to enhance, our team will account what is the optimal location for your staff, what is the best equipment you are looking for, and how we can accomplish your office goals with the required space.

By addressing these key points for your project, AVFI will provide our expertise on what best suits you.

Designing your AV Integrated room layout

  • Each room has a specified size and purpose, using modular AV furniture allows full utilization without costly custom solutions.
  • You provide us either a sketch, blueprints or even uploaded pictures, our design team can provide a free consultation to create your ideal solution.
  • We have a selection of colors/ finishes to match existing furniture and room colors for a harmonious look.
  • AVFI Furniture comes partially or fully assembled allowing your techs to focus on what they do best and not assembling furniture.
  • Once designed ,your furniture is quoted by your local AV dealer who will do the install and AV integration.

Start your planning today by booking a free consultation.

Let's Start Planning

Ready to place in your office space

Some projects can come assembled or partially assembled, making it easy for installation.
*Some products may require assembly.

Furniture matching for your office space

Our team of experts will review your dimension sketch, drawing, AutoCAD or photographs to determine the best furniture for you.

Variety of finish choices that complement your space

AVFI has a warehouse with readily available furniture with various finishes that can give your office space more character.

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