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AVFI has a wide variety of laminate and thermowrap finishes. Samples can be provided upon request by courier. Please click on each finish for a better view.

Note: Check each product for available finishes. Due to variances in screen resolution and calibration, finish samples may slightly differ from the actual product. We advise that you request samples to be mailed to you.


Thermowrap Finishes

  1. Fusion Maple-FMT avf-vfi-thermowrap-fusion-maple-fmt
  2. Hayward Cherry-HCT avfi-thermowrap-finish-hct-hayward-cherry
  3. River Cherry-RCT avfi-thermowrap-finish-rct-river-cherry
  4. Clove-CLT avf-vfi-thermowrap-clove-clt
  5. Crossfire Java-CJT avf-vfi-thermowrap-crossfire-java-cjt
  6. Aria-ART avf-vfi-thermowrap-crossfire-aria-art
  7. Baroque-BRT avf-vfi-thermowrap-crossfire-baroque-brt
  8. Elegance-ELT avfi-thermowrap-finish-elt-elegance
  9. Designer White-CWT avfi-thermowrap-finish-cwt-designer-white
  10. Shark Grey-SGT avfi-thermowrap-finish-sgt-shark-grey
  11. Ebony-EBT avfi-thermowrap-finish-ebt-ebony
  12. BAT avfi-thermowrap-finish-ebt-ebony

 Laminate Finishes

  1. Hardrock Maple-MPL avfi-laminate-finish-hardrock-mpl-maple
  2. Burma Cherry-BCL avfi-laminate-burma-cherry-bcl
  3. Brazilian Walnut-BWL avfi-laminate-finish-bwl-brazilian-walnut
  4. Aria-ARL avfi-laminate-finish-arl-aria
  5. Baroque-BRL avfi-laminate-finish-bar-baroque
  6. Cherry Hill Plank-CHL avfi-laminate-finish-chl-cherry-hill-plank
  7. White-WHL avfi-laminate-finish-_whl-white
  8. Storm-STL avfi-laminate-stl-finish-storm
  9. Black-BKL avfi-laminate-finish-bkl-black

Some of our products that are shown on the Clearance section, are available on the finishes below; please inquire.

  1. Bartlett Pearwood-BPLAVFI-Laminate-Bartlett-Pearwood-BPL
  2. Medium Cherry-MCAVFI-Laminate-Medium-Cherry-MC
  3. Dark Cherry-DCAVFI-Laminate-Dark-Cherry-DC
  4. Grey-FGLAVFI-Laminate-Grey-G
  5. Auburn Pear-APTAuburn Pear

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